BRAMBLE 321 Backup


We would be happy to add you to our backup service! If you need a backup option, please go to our “Contact Us” page to send us a message.

 With this new software, if you are one of our Managed Service customers we can easily and automatically add you to our new system. Just let us know if you would like to add this to your machine.

If you are NOT one of our Managed Service customers, we can still easily establish your account and point you to the download location of the software.
A Managed Backup is a backup system where we configure and monitor the files to be backed up. Typically we back up the common locations, such as Documents, Desktop, Favorites, etc. However, if you have data stored in additional locations, we can configure that as well, provided that you communicate that to us.

After the initial setup we then proceed to monitor those backups. If a backup fails for some reason, we are notified and will address the issue. You do not have to worry about whether or not the backup is happening. We take care of this behind the scenes.

In the event that you have a hard drive failure, or just need to recover a deleted file, we will be able to do that from our dashboard. This is the only time in the process where an additional fee may occur. However, for many users on our Residential Managed Service plan, this would fall under the 30 minutes of free remote support they receive every month.
The best backup strategies call for a 3 – 2 – 1 backup strategy. This means:

3 copies of the data
2 different storage mediums
1 copy off site

BRAMBLE 321 allows us to easily offer that. The only requirement on your part is to have some type of additional local storage, and we can configure the backup to use that storage, as well as  the standard cloud storage.

If you do not have another local storage location, no worries! We can continue running just the cloud backup as we have been doing in most cases. The primary benefit of a local backup is the increased speed of a data restoration. The cloud-based backup protects your data in the event of a local catastrophe.